Each week we share the latest peer-reviewed publications coming from the College of the Environment. Over the past week, six new articles co-authored by members of the College were added to the Web of Science database. They include articles about hydrothermalism, landslides, and more. Check them out!

1. Title: Recent advances on fast hydropyrolysis of biomass
Authors: F. Resende
Source: Catalysis Today, Volume 269, Pages148-155. Published July 2016

2. Title: Landscape-scale habitat selection by fishers translocated to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington
Authors: J. Lewis, K. Jenkins, P. Happe, D. Manson, M. McCalmon
Source: Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 369, Pages 170-183. Published June 2016

3. Title: Significant discharge of CO2 from hydrothermalism associated with the submarine volcano of El Hierro Island
Authors: J. Santana-Casiano, E. Fraile-Nuez, M. Gonzalez-Davila, E. Baker, J. Resing, S. Walker
Source: Scientific Reports, Volume 6. Published May 2016

4. Title: Grass abundance shapes trait distributions of forbs in an experimental grassland
Authors: R. Mitchell, J. Bakker
Source: Journal of Vegetation Science, Volume 27/Issue 3, Pages 557-567. Published May 2016

5. Title: Landslides, threshold slopes, and the survival of relict terrain in the wake of the Mendocino Triple Junction
Authors: G. Bennett, S. Miller, J. Roering, D. Schmidt
Source: Geology, Volume 44/Issue 5, Pages 363-366. Published May 2016

6. Title: Variations in soil carbonate formation and seasonal bias over > 4 km of relief in the western Andes (30 degrees S) revealed by clumped isotope thermometry
Authors: L. Burgener, K. Huntington, G. Hoke, A. Schauer, M. Ringham, C. Latorre, F. Diaz
Source: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 441, Pages 188-199. Published May 2016