Doris Duke Conservation Scholars at UW are helping define how diverse groups shape conservation.
Joseph Eusebio
Doris Duke Conservation Scholars at UW are helping define how diversity shapes conservation.

Diversity is more than a word, more than an ideal, and more than the attainment of a particular quantifiable goal. Diversity is the realization of difference and inequity, as well as an understanding of power and privilege. Heightened diversity is nourished through inclusion, the desire to create equal opportunities for all, and the understanding that a diverse community is stronger, richer, and more sustainable than one that actively or passively excludes people who are different. Diversity and inclusion create excellence.

Since 2011 the College of the Environment has explored its own diversity landscape through Conservations on Defining Diversity, a public forum series. We learned a lot through exploring a wide range of issues, roadblocks, and opportunities the College faces, including that we have a long way to go. We have also learned that change does not happen overnight, or without the dedication of innovators willing to call for and create change. This award celebrates those individuals.

Faculty, staff, and students within the College are eligible for the Outstanding Diversity Commitment Award, and nominations may come from outside the College and outside the University.

Awardees’ contributions should include the following:

  • A leadership role in existing or developing inclusion efforts that connect to and/or support the College of the Environment.
  • An innovative approach to diversity and inclusion within one’s own scholarship, teaching, or disciplinary community.
  • Short-term and long-term positive change.

To learn more about the criteria for nomination and how to nominate someone, please visit the award page.  Nominations are due by 5:00 pm on February 27.