The fifth event in the Future of Ice Speaker Series featured Dee Boersma, a UW scientist who has spent her career studying the ecology of our world’s penguins. Much of her time is spent in Punto Tombo, Argentina, focused on a large population of Magellanic penguins. She and her team have collected an impressive time-series of data on these birds–over 30 years–which has proved instrumental in understanding penguin ecology and the pressures that affect them. Their work has translated into protection and management measures greatly benefiting penguins, yet new threats continue to emerge. One of them is a changing climate which is having profound effects on these seabirds as their world around them changes. Boersma talked about these and other challenges, and urged those listening in the audience to be champions for penguins and their survival.

Read below’s Storify for details on Boersma’s talk.