Seeking private funding for your project or program? Below are recent corporate and foundation opportunities. If your project fits the criteria or you have other thoughts on how to engage corporate and foundation funders please contact Chris Thompson, Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations, at 206-221-6372 or or Lauren Honaker, Associate Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations at 206-685-4423 or

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Invites Grant Applications for Data-Intensive Research Projects
Data-Driven Discovery (DDD) Initiative

Award amount: It is anticipated that the DDD initiative will make about 15 awards at ~$1,500,000 each, at $200K-$300K/year for five years.

Deadline: FEBRUARY 24, 2014 (Pre-applications)

Description: Grants of up to $1.5 million over five years will be awarded to individual scientists conducting data-intensive research projects that blend the natural sciences with methods from statistics and computer science.

For more information or to apply, visit the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Scholar Awards in Studying Complex Systems, 2014 Grant Competition

Award amount: $450,000 paid in three years

Deadline:  March 12, 2014

Description: The JSMF Scholar Awards program derives from and is consistent with JSMF’s commitment to supporting high quality research and scholarship leading to the generation of new knowledge and its responsible application. For Scholar Awards the program’s emphasis is furthering the science of complex systems via the continued development of the theory and tools used in the study of complex research questions and not on particular fields of research per se.   JSMF is particularly interested in projects attempting to apply complex systems approaches to coherently articulated questions. Research projects outside the Foundation’s described area of interest will not be funded.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
RFP: “Partnering for the Future: Investing in Native Student Success”

Award amount: $50,000 to $100,000 in total funding over a two-year grant term

Deadline:  April 1, 2014

Description: The Partnering for the Future: Investing in Native Student Success RFP is aligned with the PNW Strengthening Communities strategic goal to increase community capacity to embrace change and drive progress by supporting community identified priorities. Grants made through this RFP are intended to encourage organizational learning and build capacity for Tribal communities and Native non-profits to develop local solutions for important issues in their community. In 2014 we are looking for applicants who are interested in the development, implementation, and sharing of “best” or “highly effective” practices in your project areas and achieving your outcomes of interest. After assessing the makeup of and identifying gaps in our grantee portfolio from the past two years, PNW has an increased funding interest in culturally relevant programs that:

  • improve the quality and/or alignment of early learning and early elementary education for children 0-8; and
  • engage parents, families, and elders in a way that leads to increased support of their children’s education.

Please note that the foundation will:

  • Prioritize funding to Native non-profits and Tribal programs.
    • Applications from individual schools, school districts, universities, or other non-Native organizations must demonstrate a history of existing partnerships as well as active decision-making roles with Tribal programs, Native non-profit partners, and/or Native community leaders.
  • Review applications for innovative, holistic, and community-driven approaches.
  • Support programs that are willing to share lessons learned, participate in a learning community, provide peer support or mentoring, as well as report program outcomes.

For more information or to apply: contact Chris Thompson, Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations, at 206-221-6372 or or Lauren Honaker, Associate Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations at 206-685-4423 or

Singing for Change Accepting Letters of Interest for Social and Environmental Problems

Award amount: Up to $10,000.

Deadline:  Open

Description: Singing for Change was created by Jimmy Buffett in 1995 and initially funded with contributions from his summer concert tour. Since then, SFC has offered competitive grants to progressive, nonprofit organizations working to address the root causes of social or environmental problems. Priority will be given to organizations that keep their overhead low, include community members in planning, and collaborate with other groups to find innovative ways of solving common problems. SFC aims to advance the common good by empowering people to thrive and to strengthen and sustain vibrant, diverse communities. Letters of interest may be submitted at any time and are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

For more information or to apply, please visit Singing for Change.