Private gifts and grants have an enormous impact on the lives of our students, faculty and programs.  We thank every one of our supporters, be they individuals, corporations, private foundations, organizations or community partners. You help ensure that the College of the Environment and all of its exceptional schools, departments, centers, programs and people, remain and grow as national and global leaders in education, research and outreach across a broad array of environmental fields.

For more information on ways to make a gift, or programs you can support, please contact Marilyn Montgomery, Associate Dean for Advancement, at 206-221-0906 or

Generous donations to College of the Environment Scholarship Fund
The College of the Environment’s Scholarship Fund received a number of generous gifts at year’s end and during this first month of 2014, all of which put the College in an excellent position as we plan to award student scholarships for the next academic year. Led by five-figure gifts from two donors, the College of the Environment Scholarship Fund received nearly $58,000 in December and January combined. We thank all donors who contribute to this fund, whether it be through payroll deduction, year-end giving, or a one-time gift. Your contributions allow us to support deserving students across the College in a diverse array of studies, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Foundation donates $235,000 to Oceanography and Arctic research
The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation, a long-time funder of the College’s research, has donated $235,000 to support a number of important research endeavors. Much of the gift will be directed to the School of Oceanography, with additional funds earmarked for wildlife research in Greenland. We thank the foundation for its continued support, and we look forward to utilizing the gift to the benefit of our community, students, and faculty.

This Month’s Highlighted Funds

Please consider making a gift to any of the funds below, or to the fund of your choice via the UW Foundation:

  • College of the Environment Scholarship Fund: provides scholarships, covering tuition, books and fees, to qualified undergraduate or graduate students in the College of the Environment on the basis of academic merit and/or financial need.
  • Friends of JISAO Fund: The Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO) fosters research collaboration in four key areas: climate, environmental chemistry, marine ecosystems, and coastal oceanography. Gifts to this fund support K-12 outreach activities, college internships and mentoring, public lectures, seminars, science cafés and a wide variety of collaborative events at UW, NOAA and the larger community
  • SAFS Alumni Students First Endowed Fellowship Fund: Alumni and friends join together to provide financial assistance to meritorious graduate and undergraduate students at the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences.