Students of the Sustainability Studio at Husky Stadium
Students of the Sustainability Studio
at Husky Stadium

This quarter, Program on Environment’s Sustainability Studio students partnered with University of Washington Husky Athletics Green Team members, and with representatives from the Green Sports Alliance, UW Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Office, and UW Recycling, to assess existing practices and identify opportunities for sustainability improvements in UW sports. The teams developed and implemented four innovative projects to help ramp up Husky athletics sustainability efforts: Athlete Engagement in Locker Room Waste Diversion, Analysis of Local Food at Husky Stadium, Carbon Footprinting Offsetting of Game Day Travel, and Fan Outreach and Education via Social Media.

The course instructor, Megan Horst, noted that “The ENVIR 480 Sustainability Course is unique in that it gives Program on Environment students an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve learned to real life, hyperlocal issues in collaboration with diverse stakeholders, and it provides an extra push for interdisciplinary campus sustainability efforts.” The topic for the course changes quarterly.

The final presentation slides and report will soon be available on the Program on the Environment website.