10 news posts from November 2013

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College researcher teams with ‘expeditionary’ artist to share Arctic’s beauty

Expeditionary artist Maria Coryell-Martin sketching in a frozen environment

Many people don’t necessarily think of art and science as fields having much in common.  Yet some College of the Environment researchers might disagree, often partnering with the art community as a novel way to connect people to science.  Kristin Laidre in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences is participating in a collaborative project with Maria Coryell-Martin, an expeditionary artist, entitled Imaging the Arctic.  

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University of Washington joins search for ocean fuel

Inside the methane hydrate

The U.S. Department of Energy has granted $5 million to seven universities across the country to use towards new research into methane hydrates, which holds promise as a prominent energy source.  Methane hydrate are ice-like structures that when melted release natural gas.  College of the Environment oceanography professor Evan Solomon will lead a team of researchers that will look into how changes in ocean temperatures might lead to a natural release these trapped gasses.  

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Post-shutdown, UW Arctic research flights resume

After a couple of stressful weeks during the federal government shutdown, University of Washington researchers are back at work monitoring conditions near the North Pole. November has been busy for UW scientists studying winter storms, glacier melt and floating sea ice.  Read more about the Hurricane Hunters that measure the polar vortex, summer glacial melt, and UW-Coast Guard monitoring flights that all recently took place. 

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