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Plumes across the Pacific deliver thousands of microbial species to West Coast – UW Today

A surprising number of microorganisms – 99 percent more kinds than had been reported in findings published just four months ago – are leaping the biggest gap on the planet. Hitching rides in the upper troposphere, they’re making their way from Asia across the Pacific Ocean and landing in North America.  Read more about this research and its implications for aerobiology. 

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Strike-slip faults, the North Atlantic Current, and forest leaders - This week's CoEnv published research

Each week we share the latest publications coming from the College of the Environment. This week, seven new articles co-authored by members of the College of the Environment were added to the Web of Science or published online. 1. Title: Large-scale splay faults on a strike-slip fault system: The Yakima Folds, Washington State (Abstract only; subscription required for full text) Authors: Pratt, Thomas L. 

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Award recognizes UW oceanographer's public engagement - UW News

The American Geophysical Union presented the Spilhaus Award, the organization’s top prize for engaging the public in science, to OCEAN‘s John Delaney during an awards ceremony last Wednesday (Dec. 5) in San Francisco. Delaney is director of the Regional Scale Nodes, a cabled underwater research facility being constructed off Oregon and Washington that’s one component of the Ocean Observatories Initiative. “John’s powerful outreach and innovative activities developed public support for the vision of the powerful and technologically advanced ocean observing system now under construction,” the AGU citation says. 

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Rain, freezes, and other "myths" about Seattle - Crosscut

With the darkest days of the year upon us, many start to feel — to insist, even — that rain and cold is all that Seattle ever gets. But of course that’s not true, and scientists like ATMO‘s Cliff Mass are happy to remind us of the brighter side of Seattle. Read more about the myths of Seattle weather here! 

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