Each week we share the latest publications coming from the College of the Environment. This week, three new articles co-authored by members of the College of the Environment were added to the Web of Science or published online.

1. TitleMolecular Paleohydrology: Interpreting the Hydrogen- Isotopic Composition of Lipid Biomarkers from Photosynthesizing Organisms (Abstract only; subscription required for full text)

Authors: Sachse, Dirk1; Billault, Isabelle2; Bowen, Gabriel J.3; Chikaraishi, Yoshito4; Dawson, Todd E.5; Feakins, Sarah J.6; Freeman, Katherine H.7; Magill, Clayton R.7; McInerney, Francesca A.8; van der Meer, Marcel T. J.9; Polissar, Pratigya10; Robins, Richard J.11; Sachs, Julian P.12; Schmidt, Hanns-Ludwig13; Sessions, Alex L.14; White, James W. C.15,16; West, Jason B.17; Kahmen, Ansgar18

1. Univ Potsdam, DFG Leibniz Ctr Surface Proc & Climate Studies, Inst Erd & Umweltwissensch
2. Univ Paris 11, UMR CNRS 8182, ICMMO
3. Purdue Univ, Dept Earth & Atmospher Sci
4. Japan Agcy Marine Earth Sci & Technol, Inst Biogeosci
5. Univ Calif Berkeley, Dept Integrat Biol
6. Univ So Calif, Dept Earth Sci
7. Penn State Univ, Dept Geosci
8. Northwestern Univ, Dept Earth & Planetary Sci
9. NIOZ Royal Netherlands Inst Sea Res, Dept Marine Organ Biogeochem
10. Columbia Univ, Lamont Doherty Earth Observ
11. Univ Nantes, Unit Interdisciplinary Chem Synth
12. Univ Washington, School of Oceanography
13. Tech Univ Munich, Lehrstuhl Biol Chem
14. CALTECH, Div Geol & Planetary Sci
15. Univ Colorado, Dept Geol Sci
16. Univ Colorado, Dept Environm Studies
17. Texas A&M Univ, Dept Ecosyst Sci & Management
18. ETH, Inst Agr Sci



2. TitleModulation of equatorial turbulence by a tropical instability wave (Abstract only; subscription required for full text)

Authors: Inoue, R.2; Lien, R. -C.1,3; Moum, J. N.4

1. Univ Washington, Appl Phys Lab
2. Japan Agcy Marine Earth Sci & Technol
3. Univ Washington, School of Oceanography
4. Oregon State Univ, Coll Earth Ocean & Atmospher Sci



1. TitleUnintentional habitats: Value of a city for the wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) (Abstract only; subscription required for full text)

Authors: Meffert, Peter J.1; Marzluff, John M.2; Dziock, Frank3

1. Univ Med Greifswald, Inst Community Med
2. Univ Washington, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
3. Dresden Univ Appl Sci HTW Dresden, Chair Anim Ecol, Fac Agr Landscape Management