42 news posts from August 2012

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Call for contributors: Early Career Ecologists Blog

The “Early Career Ecologists” blog is hosted and written by a collaborative group of early-career scientists. Contributors work in a variety of systems (forests, riparian areas, deserts, the arctic tundra) and study a variety of species (from pines to microbes) all across the globe (from Alaska to Antarctica). They hope to encourage enthusiasm for and understanding of our systems beyond our own tiny, academic circles. 

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Ocean Health Index a "Dow Jones" for the global ocean - Nature

This week a team of marine researchers have published an index to assesses overall ocean vitality. The index, described this week in Nature, comprises ten separate measures that are aggregated into a single score of how well the seas are doing. The ten measures — which assess features such as food provision, carbon storage, tourism value and biodiversity — were chosen to reflect both the needs of humans and ecosystem sustainability. 

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Detection dogs sniff spotted owls who quiet down with barred owl invasion - UW News

A series of forest searches by dogs specially trained to sniff out northern spotted owl pellets – the undigested bones, fur and other bits regurgitated by owls – improved the probability of finding the owls by nearly 30 percent over a series of traditional vocalization surveys. This is important, as spotted owls may be adapting to the invasion of barred owls by vocalizing less. 

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No more glaciers? Imagine that - Seattle Times

“Eight years until “Glacier National Park” is just “National Park.” The ice had been the lure to get the family to go see the great glaciers before they’re gone. But I misjudged how far gone they already are. As did the scientists.”  Read more on this piece by Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times. 

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