Each week we share the latest publications coming from the College of the Environment. This week, three new articles published by members of the College of the Environment were added to the Web of Science, a giant database of academic papers:


1. Title: Questioning the Rise of Gelatinous Zooplankton in the World’s Oceans (abstract; subscription required for full article)

Authors: Condon, Robert H.1; Graham, William M.1,2; Duarte, Carlos M.3,4; Pitt, Kylie A.5; Lucas, Cathy H.6; Haddock, Steven H. D.7; Sutherland, Kelly R.8; Robinson, Kelly L.; Dawson, Michael N.9; Decker, Mary Beth10; Mills, Claudia E.11; Purcell, Jennifer E.12; Malej, Alenka13; Mianzan, Hermes14; Uye, Shin-Ichi15; Gelcich, Stefan16; Madin, Laurence P.17

1. DISL, Dauphin Isl
2. Univ So Mississippi, Dept Marine Sci
3. CSIC UIB, Inst Mediterraneo Estudios Avanzados, Global Jellyfish Grp
4. Univ Western Australia
5. Griffith Univ
6. Natl Oceanog ctr, Southampton
7. Monterey Bay Aquarium Res Inst
9. Univ Calif, Merced
10. Yale Univ
11. Univ Washington, Friday Harbor Labs
12. Shannon Point Marine Ctr
13. Natl Inst Biol, Ljubljana, Slovenia
14. Inst Nacl Invest & Desarrollo Pesquero
15. Hiroshima Univ, Grad Sch Biosphere Sci
16. Catholic Univ, Santiago
17. Woods Hole Oceanog Inst, Woods Hole, MA 02543 USA



2. Title: Fungi and Global Change (abstract; subscription required for full article)

Authors: Crittenden, P. D.2; Ellis, C. J.3; Vogt, K. A.4; Boddy, L.1

1. Cardiff Univ, Sch Biosci
2. Univ Nottingham, Sch Biol
3. Royal Bot Garden Edinburgh
4. Univ Washington, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

Journal:Fungal Ecology


3. Title:Effects of vegetation type on mercury concentrations and pools in two adjacent coniferous and deciduous forests (abstract; subscription required for full article)

Authors: Obrist, Daniel1; Johnson, Dale W.2; Edmonds, Robert L.3

1. Desert Res Inst, Div Atmospher Sci
2. Univ Nevada, Dept Nat Resources & Environm Sci
3. Univ Washington, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

Journal:Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science