16 news posts from October 2011

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Natural Histories Project explores experiences, values and representation of nature

The Natural Histories Project, produced as a part of the four Natural History Initiative workshops held in 2011, is a wonderful collection of transcribed audio excerpts exploring natural history.  These short, poetic interview-lets touch on topics from ground nesting bird finding to diaper bags, from the Sistine Chapel to standardized testing, from art as a tool rather than a talent to rolling around in moss.  

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Inside the mind of the octopus - Orion magazine

A fascinating piece about the minds of octopus, and whether we may yet understand the intelligence of other species. Steven Roberts’ research is cited. Side note: The story is an interesting comparison article to this one discussing a new lawsuit against Sea World that states that killer whales’ 13th Amendment Rights (to not be held as slaves) are being violated. 

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