Tender is the Sight

Nothing says good times like a pair of little Lawlers chowing down on corn at the annual SEFS Salmon BBQ this past Wednesday! In case you missed it—or if you just love trying to spot yourself in photos—check out a slideshow from the event, which drew a boisterous crowd of students, staff, faculty, alumni, family and friends. As for the salmon? From the moment those last succulent bites were swallowed, the sky has been a little grayer, the air a little frostier, and life just a little emptier. We’ll be pining for such magnificently prepared fish for months to come. Seriously, amazing. Maybe we make this a weekly event?



Into the Woods

Two weekends ago, 20 graduate students spent two nights camping as part of their first Forest Community Ecology (SEFS 501) field trip, braving three days of rain to collect measurements at Blewett Pass on the east side of the Cascades!


Director's Message: Fall 2013

SEFS Director Tom DeLuca reflects on the romantic view of forestry he had growing up in Wisconsin, and the importance of cultivating a strong conservation and land ethic in today's forest managers.


SEFS Seminar Series: Week 2

Tomorrow, SEFS Professor Fernando Resende will talk about his work using high-temperature engineering processes to make fuels and high-value products from wood, grass and agricultural residues.


No Fiddling Around!

In case you missed the fun news, the UW Botanic Gardens recently welcomed the inaugural class of the Fiddleheads Forest School, which is designed to immerse preschool-aged children in the natural world.


Oct. 7, 2013:

Wildlife Science Seminar

Oct. 8, 2013:

SEFS Seminar Series: Week 2

Dec. 4, 2013:

SEFS Holiday Party

April 27, 2014:

SEFS Spring Gathering



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Major kudos to Professor John Marzluff, who has been selected as a speaker for TEDxRainier 2013—the largest TEDx event in the Pacific Northwest—on Saturday, November 9!

Several seminars are in full swing this fall, including the Wildlife Science Seminar on Mondays at 3:30 in Bagley Hall, Room 131, and also the “Frontiers in Freshwater Science” seminar on Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m. in Guggenheim 220.

Amid all the excitement and social events with students back on campus, though, we are very sad to announce the departure of Pat Taylor, who has accepted a position with the College of Education. Today is her last day as part of our financial services team, so please wish her well!


SEFS Director Tom DeLuca was the lead author—along with a set of colleagues from Sweden and Chile—on a new paper accepted in PLOS ONE, “Diazotrophy in Alluvial Meadows of Subarctic River Systems.”

Also, Professor Christian Torgersen contributed to a recent publication in Ecology, “Diel horizontal migration in streams: Juvenile fish exploit heterogeneity in thermal and trophic resources.” (You'll have to trust us that this link actually works, but until the government shutdown ends, you'll be thrwarted!)


Scoring some terrific coverage in the Los Angeles Times on October 3, Professor Emeritus Jim Agee was featured in a story about forest fires and management, “Scientists call for more controlled burns in West's forests.”


Jonathan Soll, who completed his Master’s with Professor Emeritus Doug Sprugel in the 1990s, studied seedling regeneration in meadows near Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. He now works as the Science and Stewardship Division Manager for Metro’s Sustainability Center in Portland, Ore. Check out some of his latest featured research!

Keep your eye out this winter, as well, for an opportunity to get involved in a mentoring event with Xi Sigma Pi, and mark your calendars for April 27, 2014, and the annual SEFS Spring Gathering, to be held at the Center for Urban Horticulture!