Climbing High

SEFS alumna Christina Galitsky, an accomplished rock climber, mountaineer, snowboarder and lover of all things outdoors, moved to Seattle in 2009 to begin graduate study in wildlife ecology after nearly a decade working as an engineer—trading factories for field work, and lab goggles for binoculars. As of this May, her transition from engineer to ecologist is complete, as Galitsky is now the program coordinator for Tree Kangaroo Conservation at Woodland Park Zoo!



Introducing Kristin Buckley

The College of the Environment recently welcomed Kristin Buckley as a new philanthropy officer to work in support of SEFS and other units in the college. After 16 years in a similar role with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Buckley brings a strong background in fundraising for scientific research. Plus, she and her husband manage a small forest property in eastern Washington!


Grad Student Spotlight: Oliver Jan

Searching for creative ways to fund his doctoral research at SEFS on the production of biofuels, Jan recently launched a fundraising page on Microryza, a crowdsourcing site for research projects. Check out his page and learn more about his research goals!


SEFS Graduation Slideshow

In case you missed it, here’s a slideshow from our graduation ceremony and cupcake reception on a few weeks ago! (Also, these photos are all available for download on our new SEFS Flickr page.)


Sept. 18, 2013:

SEFS Fall Retreat

Sept. 19, 2013: 

Graduate Student Orientation

Oct. 2, 2013: 

Annual Salmon BBQ

Dec. 4, 2013:

SEFS Holiday Party



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Special kudos to Professor Ernesto Alvarado, who recently performed life-saving CPR on a man who had collapsed in cardiac arrest on a soccer field. Alvarado and two other players at the game rushed to revive the man and restore his breathing and pulse. EMTs arrived within 10 minutes, applied a defibrillator and took him to the hospital. Thanks to the swift and correct action of Alvarado and others, the gentleman who collapsed has recovered with minimal heart damage and no brain damage. And even though Alvarado did not ask for anyone to broadcast his good deed, we thought it was very much worth sharing!

Kudos to SEFS graduate student Lisa Hannon, who was nominated and now approved by the UW Faculty Senate to sit on the 2013-2014 Faculty Adjudication Panel. Hannon had previously served as a graduate student representative on the University Disciplinary Committee. Nice work, Lisa!

Kudos as well to SEFS graduate student Ziyi Lu, who recently attended the Forest Products Society’s 67th International Convention in Austin, Texas, June 9 to 11. Under the guidance of Professor Indroneil Ganguly and CINTRAFOR, Ly give an oral presentation, “Potential of Legal Timber Policies to Expand Demand for U.S. Wood Products in Chinese Re-Exports Section.” Lu was granted $300 from the Director’s Student Travel funds for air fare, and she collected data for her research at an exhibition in Shanghai this past March.


SEFS Director Tom DeLuca currently has two articles in press: “Historical land use and resource depletion in spruce-Cladina forests of Northern Sweden,” for Anthropocene, and “Nutrient stripping: the global disparity between food security and soil nutrient stocks,” for the Journal of Applied Ecology.


As part of CNN’s “Planet in Peril” series, Professor Jerry Franklin was recently featured in a segment, “Global warming threatens forests, study says.”

Also, Sandra Hines of UW News & Information published a great story last week about the future movements and habitat challenges of mammals, birds and amphibians on their way to cooler environments in a warming world, “Detour ahead: Cities, farms reroute animals seeking cooler climes.” Her story features the work of Professor Josh Lawler.


Professor Emeritus Bob Edmonds is in the early stages of writing a history of our school’s first 100 years, and one of the book’s chapters will focus exclusively on alumni stories and memories. As part of his research, he’s started reaching out to former students to collect stories and information. Our alumni email list is far from exhaustive, however, and Edmonds wants to hear from as many alumni as possible. So if you have any friends or other contacts who might be interested in sharing their stories, please reach out to them and share Bob’s message!