College of the Environment

E-Newsletter, December 18, 2009

Vol. 1, No. 4


Welcome - On November 2, 2009, the Senate Committee on Planning and Budgeting reviewed a proposal to move the School of Oceanography and the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences from the College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences to the College of the Environment. Faculty were invited to petition the Provost, no later than December 8, 2009, for a full review. No petition was received by the Provost and no concerns about the move of the Schools to the College of the Environment were receieved by the Secretary of the Faculty. Therefore, the proposed move of the Schools into the College of the Environment will proceed. These transitions will be effective at the beginning of the 2010 spring quarter. Please welcome the students, staff and faculty of the School of Oceanography and the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences into the College.

A New Home for the Program on the Environment - As of Monday, December 21, 2009, the offices for the Program on the Environment will be located on the ground floor of the Academic Computing Center at the southwest corner of Brooklyn Ave. and NE Pacific St.

Conservation Colloquium presentation proposals due January 8th - Join us for ‘Conservation in Practice’, a university-wide colloquium to be held March 3, 2010, showcasing the breadth and depth of our explorations of this vital issue. The intent is to acknowledge the conservation-related problems we face, but to move beyond them to highlight practical solutions that we have developed or are beginning to evaluate in our work across the globe. Therefore, the success of this Colloquium will depend largely on participation by outstanding faculty, graduate students, and staff who are contributing to the conservation of healthy species and intact ecosystems through their research, scholarship, practice and teaching. We invite you to consider participating by submitting a presentation proposal that highlights your work in this area. This year’s Colloquium provides opportunities to showcase the work of individual scholars and of interdisciplinary teams. Submission guidelines and more information can be found at the Conservation Colloquium website.

EPA Video Competition - EPA is sponsoring a video competition to raise awareness of the connection between the environment and the "stuff" people use, consume, recycle, and throw away. They are soliciting 30- to 60-second videos that will inspire community involvement, spread information and lead to action. The theme for the video competition is "Individual Action in your Community." Videos must be submitted by video response on or before February 16, 2010.


Federal funding opportunities

  • The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program offers fellowships in fields that are actively pursued by the museums and research organizations of the Institution. Examples include ecology, environmental science, Earth sciences and paleobiology, Evolutionary and systematic biology, and the history of science and technology. Opportunities are available for Postdoctoral Fellowships, Senior Fellowships (scholars who have held a PhD or equivalent for seven years or more), Predoctoral Fellowships, and Graduate Student Fellowships. Applications are due January 15, 2010.

Private funding opportunities

  • The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Marine Policy Fellowship Program invites qualified individuals in the social sciences to apply their training and expertise to the economic, legal and policy issues that arise from use of the world's oceans. At the Institution's Marine Policy Center, emphasis is placed on multidisciplinary research to advance the conservation and management of coastal and marine resources. Current areas of research concentration include fisheries and aquaculture; the economics of coastal communities; marine spatial planning and ecosystem-based management; sea level rise and shoreline change; and water resources management, with a particular focus on coastal aquifers and the effects of climate change. Other research interests may also be appropriate. The fields of economics, law, statistics, public policy, natural resources management, and international relations are preferred, but strong applications from other relevant fields are welcome. Applications are due January 15, 2010.

Please note that many corporations and foundations have requested that UW Advancement facilitate their relationship with University of Washington faculty, staff and students. As such, all solicitations, applications, or requests for private giving from foundations or corporations must be developed in partnership with UW Advancement. Please contact a member of the College Advancement Team before submitting a proposal to the organzations below or any other corporation or foundation.

  • The Mountaineers Foundation promotes the study of the mountains, forests and streams of the Pacific Northwest, and contributes to preserving its natural beauty and ecological integrity. They fund modest, short-term projects consistent with those purposes, including studies that will yield new data aimed at protecting Northwest wilderness and wildlife; biologic, economic, legal, or policy studies; and direct educational programs and materials related to environmental preservation. Maximum grants are normally $5000. Application deadlines are: Feb 1st, May 1st, & Sept 1st.
  • The Mazamas is a mountaineering organization based in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to the exploration and preservation of mountain environments in the Pacific Northwest. Club activities include gathering and disseminating scientific information concerning the natural features of mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes. Investigations of geologic features, biotic communities, and human endeavors pertaining to the enjoyment and safety of outdoor recreation are all relevant research topics. The maximum award for any proposal will be $3,500. The application deadline is January 22, 2010.

Colleagues in the News

(Dec 4 - Dec 17, 2009)

Robot Records Deepest Erupting Undersea Volcano (Joseph Resing/JISAO, Dec 17, 2009)

Deepest Undersea Volcanic Eruption Ever Seen (Joseph Resing/JISAO, Dec 17, 2009)

Newly discovered form of earthquake may mean bad news for Puget Sound (Steve Malone/ESS, Dec 16, 2009)

Climate Wizard: a peek at the man behind the curtain (Evan Girvetz/SFR - now at The Nature Conservancy, Dec 15, 2009)

Wanted: Homes in which to install quake monitors (Steve Malone/ESS, Dec 15, 2009)

A Deluge of Data Shapes a New Era in Computing (Dec 14, 2009) - The article features the recently released book The Fourth Paradigm, which includes a chapter on "A 2020 vision for ocean science" by John R. Delaney (OCN) and Roger S. Barga

Algae harming humans? (Julia Parrish/SAFS, Dec 14, 2009)

Reviewing Financial Fixes In 2009 (Yoram Bauman/PoE, Dec 14, 2009)

The Tragedy of the Himalayas (Eric Steig/ESS, Dec 14, 2009)

Gigantic bird-killing algae bloom mystifies scientists (Julia Parrish/SAFS, Dec 13, 2009)

Mother Earth Wants to Kill You (Peter Ward/ESS, Dec 11, 2009)

Botanists stumped over 'cruelest cut of the Christmas season' (David Zukerman and Barbara Selemon/UWBG, Dec 10, 2009)

Rare Tree Stolen From Seattle Arboretum (Randall Hitchin/UWBG, Dec 10, 2009)

Setting the record straight (ONRC, Dec 10, 2009)

Behold the...anti-Convergence Zone? (Cliff Mass/ATMS, Dec 8, 2009)

Cold snap likely won't end before weekend (Cliff Mass/ATMS, Dec 8, 2009)

UW climate scientist warms to work on food supply (David Battisti/ATMS, Dec 8, 2009)

CLIMATE: Actions of a few can't undermine the facts (Jeremy Littell/JISAO-CIG, Dec 8, 2009)

Rainier's 'cap cloud' tells when rain is coming (Dale Durran/ATMS, Dec 7, 2009)

Major Earthquake, Far Away - Lessons for NW? (John Vidale/ESS, Dec 7, 2009)

Federal forests could be tasked with fighting global warming (Elaine Oneil/SFR, Dec 4, 2009)

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