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Dean's Letter

Dean Lisa GraumlichEducation that’s experiential—at the College of the Environment’s core

Experiential education is more than a trendy buzz word for us in the College of the Environment. When students learn through direct experience they gain not only knowledge and skills, but also a deeper understanding of how to apply those skills in a real world context.

This time of year, we celebrate all of the College's graduates—the UW class of 2016. Whatever their future holds, we know it'll be bright because of what they learned—and experienced—here.

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SMEA's Neal McMillin.UW’s Neal McMillin makes waves in the tidal energy sector

The School of Marine and Environmental Affairs' Neal McMillin explores what it might take for governments, scientists, communities, and other stakeholders to get tidal energy projects off the ground and into the ocean.

As he prepares to graduate, McMillin reflects on his time at the College of the Environment and in the field, as well as his hopes for the future of alternative energy in the Puget Sound region and beyond.

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Ann Margaret Stompro, a junior in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, taught sixth graders about environmental science through the UW Pipeline Project's Alternative Spring Break program.Environmental and Forest Sciences' undergrads participate in Alternative Spring Break

Ann Margaret Stompro, Natalie Gray, and Kat Schaffer, undergrads at the College of the Environment, spent their spring break teaching sixth graders about environmental science.

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Ed Miles, 1939-2016Remembering UW's Ed Miles (1939-2016)

Ed Miles’ impacts on marine and climate science, as well as the College of the Environment and across the University of Washington campus, will live on.

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This crew of great scientists troubleshoot the CTD. From left: Dana Greeley (PMEL), Sigrid Salo (PMEL), Ryan McCabe (UW JISAO).UW part of NOAA-led cruise to study West Coast ocean acidification

The fifth West Coast Ocean Acidification Cruise is underway, with UW faculty, students, and staff investigating changes to ocean chemistry from Baja to British Columbia.

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The layers on this 2.7 billion-year-old rock, a stromatolite from Western Australia, show evidence of single-celled, photosynthetic life on the shore of a large lake. The new result suggests that this microbial life thrived despite a thin atmosphere.Early Earth's air weighed less than half of today's atmosphere

New research from the University of Washington uses bubbles trapped in 2.7 billion-year-old rocks to show that air at that time exerted at most half the pressure of today's atmosphere.

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A wolf trots down the road in Denali National Park and Preserve in front of a visitor bus.Hunting wolves near Denali, Yellowstone cuts wolf sightings

New research from UW Environment's Laura Prugh and team shows that when hunting wolves is permitted just outside of parks, the park's visitors are 50 percent less likely to see wolves in their natural habitat.

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A seawall along Harbor Avenue Southwest in West Seattle.First Salish Sea-wide shoreline armoring study shows cumulative effects on ecosystem

A new study from the College's Friday Harbor Labs shows that armored shorelines can scale up to have massive impacts on the sea life they support.

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The Salmon Dancer Canoe Family paddles along the shorelines of SwinomishTo be sustainable, conservation needs to consider the human factor

How decisions affect people’s lives, and how human culture, values, and equity affect conservation outcomes should be considered when defining sustainability goals and approaches to environmental management.

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Save the Date

UW College of the Environment Future Student Visit Day

If you know a high school junior, senior, or prospective transfer student who’s driven to discover how our world works, let them know about the College of the Environment’s Visit Day on July 22, 2016! 

Awards & Acknowledgements

Awards & Acknowledgements from this quarter include Dennis L. Hartmann’s election into the National Academy of Sciences, UW Environment's contributions to Campus Sustainability Fund projects in honor of the UW class of 2016, the naming of the College’s 2016-2017 scholarship recipients, and more!  

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Philanthropy: Making a Difference

Private gifts allow our students and faculty make new discoveries, create innovative programs, experience hands-on learning, and connect with communities worldwide. Lending your support means we can continue to provide students with these exceptional opportunities. 

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Spring 2016

In the Media

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For the PNW, how costly is climate change? Experts weigh in
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Washington Park Arboretum's new trail to reveal hidden treasures
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We've been getting these key details about Greenland's melting all wrong
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It's not just Antarctica — why Greenland could also melt faster than expected
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