OCN 203

Room 203 has a whiteboard, Polycom video and tele conference system, and projector with desktop computer. The table seats ~15 with room for more to sit surrounding the table.

To reserve OCN 203, email Sierra Stewart at scs24@uw.edu. Also, please note:

  • Let front desk staff known if you need help with catering or A/V support
  • No taping, gluing, or tacking to the walls
  • Dispose of all trash, composting, and recycling properly
  • Erase all writing on the whiteboards
  • Power down all equipment and pack up and store as appropriate
  • Return furniture to original configuration if moved
  • When the meeting has concluded, please close the door facing the hallway
  • Wipe down tables and surfaces if food was served
  • Turn off all lights

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