The College of the Environment IT Team provides strategic support to the College of the Environment as well as direct support for various units within the college.  These units include the Dean’s Office and staff, The Advancement Team, EarthLab, Climate Impact Group, Program on the Environment, SMEA, MESA and more.

If you require assistance from the College of the Environment Team, please email

Shared Drives

The College of the Environment maintains servers that supports the daily operations of the College and various units.  Shared drives are supported for college use and instructions on how to connect to these shares are listed below.  Note:  Only Authorized UW Access is granted to these shares.  If you seek access to these shares, please have your supervisor email this request to

For OFF CAMPUS use, one must download, install and use the Husky OnNET VPN software before you can gain access to the shared drives.

These instructions will work while you are physically on a UW Network.  These instructions will work for OFF CAMPUS use, but only if you connect to the UW VPN service using Husky OnNet.


The College of the Environment encourages the use of the High Performance Computer Program cluster of computers called Hyak for those that have parallel computing needs.

UW Student Hardware Loan Program

The UW Student Technology Loan Program allows current UW Seattle students with a valid Husky ID to borrow laptops, cameras, projectors, and other equipment for free.

Dean's Office Contact: