For temporary faculty appointments in the College of the Environment, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Determine if the appointment title and duration qualifies it as a Short-Term Temporary or a Non-Short-Term Temporary appointment:

  • Short-Term Temporary:
    • Research Associate/Trainee
    • Senior Fellow/Trainee
    • Visiting Scientist
    • Lecturer Part-Time, two quarters or less
    • Artist in Residence, two quarters or less
    • Teaching Associate, two quarters or less
    • Acting Instructor, two quarters or less
    • Visiting Lecturer, two quarters or less
  • Non-Short-Term Temporary: Temporary faculty appointments that do not qualify as “short-term” (e.g., Visiting Professor).

Step 2: Assemble the required documentation for the particular faculty appointment title and whether it is short-term or non-short-term.

For Short-Term:

A faculty vote is not required for short-term appointments as long as the unit faculty have delegated appointment authority for short-term appointments to the Chair/Director. If this delegation has been made to the Chair/Director, submit the following appointment documentation to CoEnv AHR:

  1. CoEnv Short Term Faculty Appointment or Reappointment Form
  2. Copy of the offer letter to the appointee, with acceptance indicated
  3. Letters of recommendation (3 preferred, 1 mandatory)
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. UW Biography Form
  6. For Research Associates: evidence of degree conferral if received less than 1 year from appointment start date.
  7. Visa documents, if applicable
  8. Background check documents, if applicable

If this delegation has NOT been made to the Chair/Director, substitute for #1 above a Chair/Director letter to the Dean requesting approval of the appointment that includes the results of the faculty vote, and submit the remaining applicable items #2 – 8.

For Non-Short-Term Temporary:

To make a non-short-term temporary faculty appointment, submit the following information to CoEnv AHR:

  1. Appointment cover sheet, if available (in development)
  2. Chair/Director letter (see sample below) to the Dean requesting approval of the appointment, including a concurrence line, as well as the following information about the candidate and their appointment:
    • Name
    • Position title
    • Effective dates (month/day/year)
    • Salary per month
    • Percent of FTE
    • Term of appointment
    • Faculty vote results if required, or statement of delegation of authority to Chair/Director
    • Brief statement of duties to be performed
    • Brief assessment of qualifications
    • Funding source (if applicable)
  3. Copy of offer letter to the candidate, with acceptance indicated  (not required for Affiliate or Adjunct appointments)
  4. Letters of recommendation (3 required for all except Visiting Lecturer and Affiliate, which prefer 3 but require only 1 – see Job Class Codes)
  5. Curriculum Vitae
  6. UW Biography Form
  7. Visa documents, if applicable
  8. Background check documents, if applicable

Step 3: Submit appointment package to Megan Russell, CoEnv Human Resources Manager via email at or via campus mail at Box 355355.

Step 4: The Dean’s office will provide units with an approval notice for OPUS entry if no further approvals are required, and forward the documentation to Academic Human Resources for review and approval if required.

Sample Appointment and Offer Letters

Most temporary faculty appointments require an offer letter to the candidate and an indication of their acceptance of the offer. Non-short-term temporary faculty appointment packets must include a cover letter from the Chair/Director to the Dean requesting approval of the appointment. To assist Chairs/Directors with writing these letters, samples are provided below. (Credit to SAFS for the examples.)