C ENV 202: Ecology of the Pacific Northwest (fictional course)

It is crucial that all students in this class have access to the full range of learning experiences.  At the University of Washington, it is the policy and practice to create inclusive and accessible learning environments consistent with federal and state law.

Full participation in this course requires the following types of engagement:

Course Component


Lecture the ability to attend tri-weekly lectures of 50 minutes with 40 other students; the ability to complete weekly in-class written quizzes of 5-10 questions
Field Trip the physical conditioning and ability to hike 2 miles on steep trails with regular stops/breaks over the course of 2 hours; the ability to spend 4 hours on a ship at sea to collect data; includes standing for extended periods of time and climbing stairs while the ship is moving; ship’s motion may cause seasickness

A complete description of the disability policy of the College of the Environment can be found here. If you have, or think you have, a temporary or permanent disability that impacts your participation in any course, please also contact Disability Resources for Students (DRS) at:  206-543-8924 V / 206-543-8925 TDD / uwdrs@uw.edu e-mail / http://www.uw.edu/students/drs.

Roles and responsibilities

Student: inform the instructor as soon as possible of any accommodation(s) you will or may potentially require.

Instructor and TA: maintain strict confidentiality of any student’s disability and accommodation(s); help all students meet the learning objectives of this course.

Dean's Office Contact: