Vincent Gallucci is a marine biologist who studies the conservation, management, and population dynamics of sharks. Additionally, he has almost two decades of research on benthic ecosystems in both temperate and tropical systems. He has worked for over a decade on marine resource management in developing countries from Central and South America to Africa, focusing on small-scale fisheries at the village level. Most of this latter work has involved the mathematics of quantitative stock assessment, i.e., the assessment of the current status of a stock of fish and the prediction, using mathematical models and statistics of their future status, of what happens when various levels of mortality are imposed as part of a harvest. As a reflection of his broad interests—he is involved with fisheries policy as well—he is not only a member of the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, but also and an adjunct faculty member of the School of Marine Affairs, the Graduate Program in Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management (QERM), and the Jackson School of International Studies.