Rebecca Woodgate is a physical oceanographer who specializes in polar research, with particular focus on the circulation of the Arctic Ocean, interactions between sea-ice and the ocean, and the role of the polar oceans in climate. She has worked for many years in the deployment and recovery of moored oceanographic instrumentation in ice-covered waters, and the analysis of both mooring and hydrographic data. She has participated in field work on British, German, Norwegian, Russian and American research vessels, and led ship-based expeditions to the Arctic. In all of his, her overarching goals are to understand the physical processes in both Arctic and Antarctic regions; to combine observations with modeling and theoretical results; to work with colleagues in other disciplines to use the physical insight obtained to address interdisciplinary (and intercultural) Arctic issues; and to bring the enchantment and importance of the Arctic in our world today to students and the general public via UW courses and outreach.