Portrait of Dan Brown

Environmental and Forest Sciences

Dan Brown

Professor and Director, Environmental and Forest Sciences

As director of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, Dan plays a vital role in guiding the School’s academic growth and developing new initiatives, providing leadership and management of its programs, centers, and research grants, allocating its revenues in a manner that supports its mission, and enhancing its sizable and growing endowment. In addition, he also sits on the Natural Resources Board of Washington State, which oversees the management of state lands. Dan recently served as interim dean for the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan, where he was also a professor in the fields of conservation ecology and environmental informatics. His specific research interests focus on land use change and its effects on ecosystems and human vulnerability. His work connects a computer-based simulation of land-use-change processes with GIS and remote sensing based data on historical patterns of landscape change and social surveys. Dan is the Corkery Family Environmental and Forest Sciences Director’s Endowed Chair.