Portrait of Charles Simenstad

Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Charles Simenstad

Professor Emeritus

Working on:

Charles “Si” Simenstad is an estuarine/coastal marine ecologist who studies ecosystem structure and dynamics, fish habitats and food webs, with a particular focus on Pacific salmon in the Northwest. He coordinates the Wetland Ecosystem Team research. The two questions that drive his research are: What controls an ecosystem’s ability to support fish, such as juvenile Pacific salmon? And what might alter the integrity of the relationship between salmon and the landscape? His work thus covers a variety of topics, from what juvenile salmon prey on while they are growing in estuaries, to the influence of landscape structure on fish behavior in coastal wetlands. Additionally, he is deeply involved in habitat restoration projects, from San Francisco Bay north to Alaska. In recognition of his efforts, he was awarded NOAA’s Nancy Foster Habitat Conservation Award.