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Internship Flyer_2024


Snohomish County Surface Water Management
Freshwater Ecology Internships
Learn to collect scientific data and work on projects that improve the
health of Snohomish County rivers, streams, and lakes.
Snohomish County Human Resources
3000 Rockefeller Ave, M/S 503
EvereƩ, WA 98201
Office: (425) 388‐3411 FAX: (425) 388‐3579
Washington Relay (TTY): 711
As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Snohomish County values inclusion and welcomes a diverse workforce.
Start Date May or June and work for 10 to 12 weeks
Pay Junior level = $18.00; Senior/Graduate level = $19.00
 Completion of two (2) years of college coursework in a science or engineering.
 Must be able to show proof of enrollment in the 2024 summer or fall term.
 Junior, Senior or Graduate level student.
Two Internships: 1 Stream-focused, 1 Lake-focused
Get hands-on experience in the environmental science field:
 Collect scientific data:
 Streams: Water quality (fecal coliform, dissolved oxygen,
nutrients, etc.), habitat (woody debris, bank condition,
substrate, etc.), and benthic invertebrates.
 Lakes: Water quality (temperature, nutrients, dissolved
oxygen, etc.), aquatic plants, and algae.
 Calibrate and use instruments typical for streams and lake
scientific work.
 Work with large data sets and ensure quality control.
 Help develop reports and public outreach materials.
What to expect:
 Predominantly field work, 2 to 4 days per week, up to 10
hours per day in hot, cold, and wet weather.
 Experience a wide range of projects and collaborate with
experts in various environmental science subjects.
 Work on boats, rafts and other watercraft.
 Positive, team-centric environment.
 Exposure to local government.