Among our most dedicated friends and alumni, College of the Environment Dean’s Club members provide core support to the College and its schools, departments and programs through their significant annual giving. With annual gifts totaling $1,000 or more, our Dean’s Club donors provide critical resources to support students and faculty and meet the most pressing needs of the College. These contributions enable the College to continue our pursuit of excellence and are a vote of confidence in our mission to create future leaders steeped in basic science and critical thinking and focused on developing sustainable solutions to the critical challenges of our time.

Member advantages

As a Dean’s Club donor, you will receive invitations throughout the year to participate in lectures, events and the Dean’s Club Insiders Series, which highlights some of the College’s most intriguing research and programs through intimate and engaging events open only to Dean’s Club donors.

Join us!

A donor is eligible for Dean’s Club status when their cumulative annual giving to programs within the College of the Environment reaches $1,000 including pledges and matching gifts. To get started, please make a gift online or contact us at:

Dean’s Club
UW College of the Environment
Box 355055
Seattle, WA 98195
Telephone: 206-221-4753

President’s Club

By contributing $2,000 or more annually, you’ll also become a member of the University of Washington President’s Club. Member benefits include invitations to special UW events, borrowing privileges at the University Libraries and much more. Learn more about the President’s Club.