The University of Washington College of the Environment strategic planning process will culminate in February 2023 with the release of a final strategic plan to guide the College over the next three to five years, establishing a bold vision and goals for our work and articulating specific strategies and initiatives to achieve them.

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 The strategic planning process

Phase one: preliminary issues analysis (May to mid-June 2022)

Identification of key themes and issues the strategic plan must address.

  • Internal stakeholder interviews and focus groups
  • Review of data, reports, analyses
  • Steering Committee kick-off meeting

Phase two: initial planning hypotheses (mid-June to August 2022)

Working hypotheses about UW Environment’s vision for the future, strategic priorities and overarching goals.

  • External and internal stakeholder interviews, focus groups and meetings
  • Preparation of working hypotheses
  • Steering Committee discussion

Phase three: Strategic Plan framework (September to mid-October 2022)

Consensus on small set of overarching goals. Initial thoughts on mission, vision and values.

  • Synthesis of feedback on hypotheses from Steering Committee, interviews and analyses
  • Preparation of strategic plan framework
  • Steering Committee discussion

Phase four: iterative drafts of Strategic Plan (mid-October to December 2022)

Consensus on penultimate draft of plan to share with UW Environment community

  • Development of specific strategies and initiatives for plan
  • Steering Committee discussions (typically two meetings)
  • Writing and revision

Phase five: completed Strategic Plan (January to mid-February 2023)

Approval of final UW Environment Strategic Plan by Steering Committee

  • Discussions of draft plan with UW Environment community
  • Consultation with others at UW and selected external stakeholders
  • Discussion of stakeholder feedback with Steering Committee
  • Final revisions to strategic plan

We are committed to making this a transparent process with as much community input as possible. This website will be updated regularly to report progress and offer opportunities to provide input. In the meantime, if you have questions or thoughts you would like to share with the committee, please contact