The College of the Environment’s Dean’s office is inspired by the work in the college and across campus to understand and address the environmental challenges of our time. Since the start of 2013, following the sustainability efforts of many students, faculty and staff across the UW, the Dean’s office worked with the Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Office to identify and align our practices and policies with the goals of sustainable resource use.

A Leaf
Image courtesy of Jon Sullivan

For the past two years we have applied for Green Office certification and received a Gold ranking, the highest in the certification. As part of the certification process, the Dean’s office formed a “Green Team” to bring awareness to and improve key metrics for office sustainability.

Here are some of the College’s accomplishments:

  • Created sustainability best practices guides for Dean’s office employees and for field research
  • Set an office standard for choosing green catering companies and making sustainable food purchases
  • Worked with Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Office to promote participation in Green Lab certification
  • Worked with UW Recycling Services to get paper towel composting implemented in Ocean Sciences Building
  • Tracking office printing and copying
  • We are also compiling a list of sustainability resources from within the office and around campus

We are continually looking for ways to work with others across the College to find fun and effective ways to decrease our ecological footprint on campus. Please send us your ideas for on-campus sustainability to