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What is the MSST program?

The Master of Science in Science for Teachers (MSST) is a graduate degree in science developed specifically for K-12 teachers who want to develop as lead educators. MSST supports teachers in strengthening their expertise in science content and practice, science pedagogy and leadership.  This degree is designed to:

  • Move teachers through the skills that are fundamental to today’s scientific practice – experimental design, data manipulation, data visualization, and science communication
  • Provide guided experience doing authentic science and bringing this into the classroom
  • Build skills in translating contemporary science into classroom lessons


Why enroll in the MSST program?

MSST is designed to be accessible to all teachers interested in science, MSST:

  • Fits the working professional’s schedule
  • Equips teachers for Next Generation Science Standards
  • Builds cohorts to support community building and collaboration
  • Culminates in a MS degree with optional endorsements
    • Middle Level – Math
    • Middle Level – Science
    • All levels – Environmental and Sustainability Education (pending approval)

Science is moving at ever-increasing speeds, with new breakthroughs, innovations and technologies. Keeping pace requires science educators to engage in hands-on, high-level, real-life science. The MSST program has three core components,

  1. practicing science through a guided research project and structured collaboration with scientists,
  2. deepening disciplinary content knowledge,
  3. strengthening skills in science pedagogy and leadership.

These components work together to give teachers the opportunity to experience directly how the three dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards are integrated and realized in contemporary science.

When would I participate in MSST?

MSST is a 5-quarter cohort based program, with cohorts beginning every Spring quarter.  MSST is designed to be compatible with your work schedule.


Applications are accepted June 1 through December 31.

Please click here for application information.

Questions? Please contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Tansy Clay Burns at (206)221-6747 or uwmmst@uw.edu.

Contact Us

Questions? Please contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Tansy Clay Burns at (206)221-6747 or uwmmst@uw.edu.  The MSST program office is located on the UW campus in the Ocean Sciences Building (OSB), room 506.



The Master of Science in Science for Teachers does not lead to teacher certification.
For information on teacher certification at the University of Washington, visit or contact the College of Education. edinfo@u.washington.edu